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Could you give me the cable loss for the various cables that you use on your antennas?

Cable loss is a factor to be considered in system design. The loss introduced by the cable varies with frequency. Mobile Mark has tested some of the cables that we use in our designs, and the measured results have been plotted against frequency. This gives the system designer an easy way to determine the actual loss introduced by the cable in the overall system. It is to be noted here that these results, as mentioned above, are measured results, so a more practical indication of cable performance versus frequency can be obtained from these plots. The losses are given as dB/100 ft; so the actual length of the cable in the system needs to be used to convert the value from the graph into the loss introduced by the cable in the system. Another thing to be noted is that the measurements have been performed using SMA connectors at the ends of the cable assembly.


cable type

Loss per ft @ 900 MHz

Loss per ft @ 2000 MHz

Loss per ft @ 2500 MHz

Loss per ft @ 5000 MHz


0.32 dB

0.49 dB

0.55 dB

Not recommended


0.14 dB

0.21 dB

0.24 dB

0.43 dB


0.10 dB

0.15 dB

0.17 dB

0.25 dB


0.07 dB

0.10 dB

0.12 dB

0.17 dB


0.04 dB

0.06 dB

0.07 dB

0.12 dB

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