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GPS GNSS Multiband by Model

“GPS GNSS Multiband by Model” contains our largest family of antennas consists of antennas designed for fleet management or tracking.  These antennas contain either a GPS antenna or a multi-system GNSS Global Navigation antenna covering GPS, Galileo, Glonass, QZSS, or Beidou. GNSS operates at 1561, 1575, & 1602 MHz and these models usually contain a “G” in their model name. In addition, most of the antennas in this section contain additional elements to provide coverage on additional frequency bands such as Cellular LTE, 5G Ready, WiFi, DSRC, or UHF.

Some of our customers categorize these antennas by the number of elements contained in the radome. We refer those customers to the “GPS GNSS Multiband by # elements” section. Many antennas contain the number of elements in their model number, which can be signified by the first number within the product name. For example, the LTMG940 has NINE elements within ONE antenna radome.

In this section “GPS GNSS Multiband by Model”, we categorize the antennas by the radome style and model type. Mobile Mark antennas have a unique profile and this section will help users who are looking for a particular style.

All of the GPS GNSS Multiband antennas in this section are cross-referenced in the other GPS GNSS Multiband section. In addition, some of these models come in a mag-mount version. See the Specifications Sheet for a specific model to read more about their details, such as water ingress, attachments/mounts, frequency & gain, radome specs & material, and so forth.

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