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At Mobile Mark, we know that each wireless network has its own challenges. That’s why we design antenna solutions that are optimized for each connection. From wireless network build-out to remote monitoring to fleet management, we have a solution for you.

We offer exactly what you need, when you need it. And we have the flexibility to customize products to your unique requirements.

Mobile Mark engineers are experienced with antenna design and have the knowledge to troubleshoot your wireless issues; we can partner with you to make sure your wireless connections are optimized. With our extensive line of antennas, we make it easy to find the antenna that fits your application and setting.

Land & Sea Exploration

Exploration activities take place in difficult conditions, such as corrosive environments or heavy vibration settings. Mobile Mark has a track record of developing environment resilient antennas such as foam-filed antennas that protect against severe vibration, impact, water ingress and sea salt incursion. These antennas provide dependable wireless connections for mineral exploration and telemetry.

Sub-stations & Local distribution

Continuous monitoring of sub-stations is critical to maintaining a reliable source of energy to each consumer. Outages due to extreme weather conditions are just one challenge faced. Mobile Mark offers high performance antennas that are designed specifically for utility infrastructure in neighborhoods and sub-stations. Antenna styles include a blade style antenna that fits on utility boxes and a low profile impact resistant antenna.

Smart Meters

Different meters will require different wireless solutions. Some meters will require external, heavy duty, tamper resistant antennas and others will need internally embedded antennas that must be custom designed. In RF dense areas, the challenge may be to isolate the desired signal from extraneous signals, and in remote areas, you may need higher gain to carry the signal further. You may also need the flexibility to work on different wireless networks, such as switching from WiFi to Cellular.

Smart Grids

Smart grids need consistent, dependable data transfer along the full length of the grid with more extensive communication requirements at key nodes in the system. Mobile Mark offers a range of rugged omni-directional and directional site antennas designed to cover targeted areas, whether close-in or far-field. The antennas can meet industry specific features such as high voltage insulation or PTCRB requirements by Cellular Carriers.

Mobile Fleet

Mobile Mark offers the wireless industry’s most extensive line of antennas for fleet management solutions. Whether you need a simple GPS-only antenna for navigation or a Multiband antenna that combines multiple applications (such as GPS Tracking, Cellular Communications, and WiFi) in the same package. New generation MIMO antennas are now available.

Our antennas cover many commercially available wireless networks (Cellular, LTE, ISM, WiFi, GPS, RFID, and VHF/UHF) as well as specialized networks such as 1400 MHz. Your installers will like the fact our antennas are easy to install and service free.

We have been designing and manufacturing antennas since 1984, and have established a track record for high performance and quality service. With production facilities in both the US and UK, we are conveniently situated to provide quick response for both engineering advice and sales support. Visit for our full product line.


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US location:

Mobile Mark, Inc.
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Mobile Mark Europe, Ltd.
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