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Smart Highway Antenna Solutions

A smart highway is a roadway with wireless features and technology built into the design.

Smart Highway Antenna Solutions

Flexible Smart Highway Solutions

These Smart Highway features can be as simple as overhead gantries for easier toll collection, but they all work together to increase safety and improve the efficiency of life in some way. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) make these smart highways possible.

The lynchpin of successful ITS systems will be dependable, consistent wireless coverage. User expectations are high, and network infrastructures will be pushed to the limit. The antenna solution is an important piece of the puzzle, and this is a piece that Mobile Mark understands.

Wireless coverage must reach seamlessly into hard-to-cover corners of city intersections and along vast expanses of interstate highways. Each setting is different but what they all share in common is the need for dependable connections.

C-V2X DSRC system designers and Smart Highway planners need a complete palate of options to construct a network that offers continuous and balanced coverage. Mobile Mark’s wide range of antennas can help make that possible.

Vehicle Mounted antennas for 5.9 GHz

IW-5900, IWG-1575

Single element at 5.9 GHz, DSRC or C-V2X
Additional model available with both 5.9 GHz & GNSS


2x 5.9 GHz & 1x GNSS
Mag-Mount: MGWG-313

MaxFin with sleek profile
Narrow Footprint
2x 5.9 GHz & 1x GNSS
Mag-Mount: MMXFG-5900


1x 5.9 GHz, 1x GNSS
6 dBi Gain

Infrastructure antennas for 5.9 GHz

PN18-5900PM PN6-915 Panel Antenna for RFID Reader IoMT

High Gain Panel Antenna
Directional Coverage
18 dBi Gain

6, 9, or 12 dBi Gain
Recessed N Connector
For Roadside Units

OD5-2000MOD2, OD3-2400

High Vibration Resistant
Female N Jack Connector

Bi-Directional Blade Style
Global DSRC and C-V2X
Direct N Jack Connection

Combination 5.9 GHz & Cellular

SMWG-312, SMWG-314


Covers LTE, C-V2X & GNSS
Mag-mount: MGWG-314
Ideal for DSRC Trials



Multiband Antenna
Covers Sub-6 5G Ready 617 – 6000 MHz
Mag-mount: MLTMG508

RM-WB1 (Sub-6, 5G Cellular), RMM-UMB


Covers 600-6000 MHz
Mag-mount: MGRM-WB1
Direct N Option available



Omni-directional Antenna
2-4 dBi Gain
Covers 600 – 6000 MHz
Foam Filled option


Intelligent Transportation System

An ITS or Intelligent Transportation System will become an indispensable tool. ITS is an advanced application that will sense, analyze, control, and communicate technologies to ground transportation. ITS will be used as part of Smart Highway projects to minimize traffic problems while ensuring convenient, safe driving conditions by,

  • Making information available to commuters beforehand about:
    • Traffic congestion
    • Seat availability, bus timings, the current location of the bus, the density of passengers inside the bus, next stop of the bus, time is taken to reach a destination, and so on
  • Enhancing road safety
  • Ensuring efficient use of infrastructure

Additionally, ITS will have a significant effect on transportation in Smart Highway applications such as ramp meters, transit signal priority, traffic light cameras, traffic-signal coordination, traffic monitoring, traveler-information systems, ticket management, transportation pricing, and telematics.


The Intelligent Transportation System uses two types of technologies:

  • V2V, which is vehicle-to-vehicle technology, and
  • V2I, which is vehicle-to-infrastructure technology

Both V2V and V2I use the DSRC or dedicated short-range communication wireless technology in the ITS to transmit information from one vehicle to another and from one vehicle to the local and remote infrastructure.

An ITS depends on a reliable wireless network coverage, which in turn, requires high-quality antennas to deliver the best results.

Mobile Mark has a wide range of antennas that will help wireless coverage (Cellular, WiFi, DSRC) reach vast expanses of interstate highways and hard-to-cover corners of city intersections.

Highway Traffic Management (V2V)

ITS trials are being held around the world to see if we can provide safer and more efficient driving conditions, to help highway traffic management. These Smart Highway projects range from Advance Warning of Traffic Tie-ups to Collision Avoidance to Tolling. Multiple wireless technologies are being used including Cellular, WiFi and DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) at 5.9 GHz. Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication is key to developing an effective wireless web.

Intersection Traffic Management (V2V & V2I)

Intersection traffic management at busy intersections is offered as one of the key benefits of future ITS networks. In addition to providing a warning of oncoming dangerous drivers, the ITS networks will allow traffic management to accommodate more efficient traffic flow for emergency vehicles. For omni-directional coverage at traffic intersections, we recommend our ECO series, ranging from 6-12 dBi gain or the RM Series.

Specialized DSRC Applications: Tolling, Parking

DSRC applications are moving beyond the initial plans for ITS networks at intersections and along highways. Trials are currently underway using the 5.9 GHz frequency for highway tolling, trucking oversight, and parking lot controls. Antenna styles will range from small Directional antennas for more narrowly configured coverage to omnidirectional antennas for settings where the path to the antenna is not pre-determined.

Highway Wayside Communications (V2I)

The Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) portion of the ITS trial poses a number of difficult challenges for antenna selection such as finding products that will withstand harsh conditions or optimizing coverage based on trade-offs between gain and pattern shape. A mixture of directional and omni-directional antennas will be needed, including our compact, low profile PN series panel antennas and our slim-line ECO omni-directional antennas available in various gains.

Antennas For Specialized Vehicles: Motorcycles, Buses

In order to be truly effective, ITS networks need to accommodate specialized vehicles of various sizes, from motorcycles to buses. We offer antennas that meet different size and use requirements from our small MRM antennas for motorcycles to our multi-band SMW & LTM antennas for buses and our ECOS Series spring-mounted omni-directional antennas equipped with a mirror mount for long haul trucks.