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Customization & Prototyping

Innovative Designs and Outstanding Performance

Customization & Prototyping

High Performing Antennas

Mobile Mark is a leading supplier of antenna solutions to wireless users throughout the world, with a well-established track record of offering innovative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable performance.

We have the engineering capabilities to take a project from initial conception through to final production.

  • We have the engineering capabilities to take a project from initial conception through final production.
  • In-house rapid prototyping to improve efficiency within product design
  • Prototyping capabilities include semi-functional to functional prototypes with 3D printed material and in-house made PCBs 
  • Engineers have access to a variety of validation test equipment and an in-house machine shop
  • Antennas are Made-in-the-USA and United Kingdom

Our engineering staff performs an initial evaluation of the specifications, electrical and mechanical, to assess performance requirements and form factor. After the initial concept design phase is complete, we finalize the design when validated to ensure it meets the desired requirements.

Our rapid prototyping capabilities help us turn ideas into proofs of concept. We use rapid prototypes to build functional prototypes that look and work like the final product. Prototypes guide us through a series of validation stages toward production. For example, they help verify the electrical performance of the antenna. A variety of network analyzers and an anechoic chamber enable us to conduct measurements up to 13 GHz and ensure antennas meet or exceed customer requirements.

Samples are provided to our customers, so they also can verify performance meets their requirements.

We have on-site injection molding equipment, a CNC machine, and a fully equipped modeling shop staffed with skilled model makers to assist in the design phase. Our in-house equipment helps us come up with a superior antenna product that not only meets customer electrical specifications but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile Mark Manufacturing Facility and our Engineering Technical Center are located under the same roof. This colocation ensures our design engineering and manufacturing engineers work closely to ensure the pilot run goes smoothly to validate the production process.

We support customers globally with quality manufacturing and custom design services. Mobile Mark products are made in the US and the UK. Products made in the USA meet “Buy American Act” requirements.

We Are Ready to Be Your Design Partner

A proven track-record with extensive experience.

Innovative Designs with Configurable Customization.

Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing.

Final Assembly, Sub-Assembly or Kitting & Shipping.

Most Advanced Custom Designs


Engineering Expertise

Proven Tack-Record with Extensive Experience

Customization & Prototyping

Antennas with Innovative and Configurable Designs

Testing Capabilities

Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing

Contract Assembly

Final Assembly, Sub-Assembly or Kitting & Shipping