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As Military Antenna Manufacturers, Mobile Mark, understands that military requirements are different, that the antennas will be used in difficult environments and need to be ready for squad deployments, pop-up stations, or communications intelligence-gathering (COMINT). That’s why our antennas are rugged, durable and reliable.

We handle the usual and the unusual, from standard products to specialty products. Think of it as “COTS with flexibility”. We offer all the convenience and cost savings of off-the-shelf products but with the ability to tweak the design to better meet your in-the-field requirements.

We have antennas for many commercially available wireless networks as well as antennas for dedicated military frequencies, such as 1350 MHz or 4.4 GHz. Our antennas are designed and manufactured in the US and the UK.

Specialized Frequencies Antennas

Sometimes a COTS antenna just needs to be tweaked to cover a different frequency or to provide a different radiation pattern. And, sometimes, the need is so unique that nothing but a custom design will do the job. Mobile Mark’s team of design engineers can handle it all, whether the design requirement is electrical or mechanical.

Body-Worn and Embedded Antennas

For specialized applications where it is important to track the individual soldier, embedding the antenna directly into the troop’s equipment or clothing can provide many advantages. We can help you understand the pros and cons of different antenna styles. Our expertise includes board-only styles as well as slim profile over-molded styles.

Network Antennas

Mobile Mark offers omni-directional site antennas in military appropriate colors such as olive drab and desert sand. Specialized antennas to speed network deployment include the 12 dBi Break-Apart Antenna that can collapse down into two easy-to-carry pieces. We also offer low profile, compact directional antennas for dependable point-to-point connections.

Asset Tracking Antennas

Reliable asset management requires making use of multiple systems: RFID tag readers, Wi-Fi based Bar Code scanning, GPS location systems as well as Cellular M2M (machine-to-machine) transmissions. Iridium® can be added as a primary or secondary means of communication. Mobile Mark can help you put together the right mix of antennas from site to mobile to covert.

Vehicle Antennas

Mobile antenna selection becomes complicated as new wireless protocols, such as LTE and 802.11ac, are added to the network. Mobile Mark is the industry leader in multiband antennas; we can combine multiple antenna solutions in a single compact, durable package. Our mobile antennas meet Military specs for Shock, Vibration, Temperature and Water Ingress.

Our in-house Engineering Design Team has years of experience in antenna design. We can supplement your own engineering efforts and be a valued RF sounding board.

We can help you envision all sorts of ways the antennas can be used, including break-apart omnis and embedded, body-worn patches.

Mobile Mark military antennas comply with Mil specs such as MIL-810G. Our antennas are designed and tested in our in-house facilities and manufactured in our US and UK production facilities. Visit for our full product line.

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Mobile Mark, Inc.
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