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Custom Design Antenna Engineering

Contract Assembly Services

Manufacturing Done Right!

Custom Design Antenna Engineering

Contract Assembly Services

Contract Assembly You Can Depend On!

Mobile Mark’s flexible Manufacturing Layout allows us to shift quickly from one production run to another. This flexibility, along with years of manufacturing experience, makes us a good solution for companies looking to outsource part of their production processes such as final assembly, sub-assembly, or kitting & shipping.

  • Final assembly, sub-assembly, or kitting & shipping
  • Build-to-Print Services or Custom Builds
  • Trained & Experienced Production Team
  • Professional US & UK based Manufacturer

Mobile Mark has sufficient manufacturing space to help you keep up with production demand. This additional manufacturing space is available to customers for quick turnaround times or assists workflow by doing your sub-assemblies at our facility.  

Mobile Mark’s manufacturing facility and Engineering Technical Center are located under the same roof. Colocation ensures design engineering and manufacturing engineers work closely to ensure the project runs smoothly.

In addition, Mobile Mark’s manufacturing facility is equipped with an in-house model shop & CNC center used to build precision-built antennas. 

Our custom manufacturing team can build your sub-assemblies until volume justifies a different solution.

    We Are Ready to be Your Design Partner

    A proven track-record with extensive experience.

    Innovative Designs with Configurable Customization.

    Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing.

    Final Assembly, Sub-Assembly or Kitting & Shipping.

    Most Advanced Custom Designs


    Engineering Expertise

    Proven Tack-Record with Extensive Experience

    Customization & Prototyping

    Antennas with Innovative and Configurable Designs

    Testing Capabilities

    Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing

    Contract Assembly

    Final Assembly, Sub-Assembly or Kitting & Shipping