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A Few Words From Our Team!

Dennis Winker, Plant Supervisor, employee since July 1984

I love working at Mobile Mark – I like the involvement of the owners, Plant Managers, Human Resources and beyond! All of the special events that the company has available for the office and production employees such as employee appreciation day, helps to motivate us to succeed and give 110%, far more than if I worked at another company.

I appreciate that recognition is given when it’s deserved and help offered when needed. I like that the support is there from plant managers and colleagues, plus well balanced with the freedom they give us to be successful.

I feel like I’ve been kept on track with the right amount of supervision, but never felt like I had anyone breathing down my neck. Mobile Mark is a very well rounded organization that manages to keep my job fulfilling and interesting and a pleasure to be doing everyday…

Patricia Jimenez -Cedillo, Operations Supervisor, employee since 2005

Manufacturing was not my first career choice but Mobile Mark grew on me. Initially, I worked on the production floor during my school years and got a chance to learn the company. After graduation, I tried my hands someplace else but returned back to where I got my start because it offered me an “AT HOME” feel. Mobile Mark is a place where you can grow and feel like you are an important part of the Team.

One of the greatest benefits that I receive from Mobile Mark is the opportunity to grow. I was promoted from the production floor into an office career. I wear many different hats and work very closely with management and the production staff. Mobile Mark also offers paid training, employee and family outings and an exceptional flexible vacation program that makes me enjoy being a part of the company.

One of the reasons I choose to stay at Mobile Mark, is my co-workers. The people that I work with are an important part of my job. We work together to meet deadlines and we do it with minimal to no errors and to me, that’s the best part of any job. At Mobile Mark, you will never feel alone, we will make you feel like you’re right at home.

Tam Chau, Antenna Design Engineer, employee since 2013

I chose Mobile Mark over the other companies that interested me or which I interviewed because Mobile Mark is an excellent private company to work for and a great place to utilize my professional skills and experiences. Mobile Mark respects, values, and rewards its employees’ contribution to help create a successful business, team building, and family environment.

Mobile Mark provides excellent health care plan, recreation center, and most importantly company bonus for your hard work. Mobile Mark cares about their employees’ well-being, professional development, and success.

In addition, it is a fun and rewarding place to work. For new applicants who are applying for jobs, Mobile Mark is a good and growing company, great atmosphere, and a very rewarding place to work.