Mobile Mark has been active player in the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems.  Our antennas have been used in numerous trials around the world.

We offer the most extensive range of mobile antennas for ITS trials, including glass-mount, stud-mount and mad-mount antenna options.  Some of our mobile antennas cover only the 5.9 GHz band used for V2V communications on either DSRC, C-V2X or C-ITS.  Other Mobile Antennas for OnBoard Units (OBU) are multi-banded and the 5.9 GHz element is housed with other wireless communication options such as GPS, LTE and or WiFi.

Our fixed site antennas have been used for V2X infrastructure development, either as a stand alone antenna or directly attached to a Roadside Unit (RSU).

We welcome you to review our product options listed on this website. If you are looking for something unique, please ask us about our custom design capabilities.