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  • Custom Design Antenna Engineering

    Antenna Testing Capabilities

    In-House Testing

  • Custom Design Antenna Engineering

    Antenna Testing Capabilities

Full Range Antenna Testing

Mobile Mark’s Engineering Technical Center provides a wide range of Electrical, Mechanical, and Environmental Testing Services. 

  • Electrical, Mechanical & Environmental Testing
  • In-house Anechoic Chamber for Antenna Characterization
  • Shock & Vibration Testing to meet Industrial &Military Specifications
  • Hot & Cold Cycling and Water & Dust Ingress Testing

Our Technical Center allows us to offer custom testing services to customers with specific requirements. These services include electrical and mechanical testing. Typical projects include evaluating the performance matching between antenna and modem or running the unit through a series of environmental tests.

Our Technical Center facility includes a new, enlarged, anechoic chamber. The chamber rotator can handle up to 250 lbs. and can accommodate antennas up to 6-feet long. We build our custom fixtures for unusual or oversize antennas. The chamber is covered wall-to-wall with foam cones to absorb RF energy that interferes with testing. We can switch out antenna horns inside the chamber for frequencies ranging from 450 MHz to 7.2 GHz. 

Our engineers generate characterization reports based on the required testing. These reports include impedance testing, radiation patterns, gain over frequency plots, and VSWR charts to measure return loss. Mobile Mark Engineers can generate 2D and 3D Elevation/Azimuth plots using data retrieved from our Anechoic Chamber.

We run a wide range of testing based on Industrial & Military Standards. Our test equipment is used to test to industry standards, including IEEE1478, EN61373, EN300-019, MIL-810G, TIA 329.2-C, IEC 60068, and SAE J1455.  

We also can test for water, salt, fog, and dust ingress that fall within the full range of Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. IPX7 and IP67 are some of the more common ratings we test.

Mobile Mark works closely with 3rd party testing facilities when independent certification is required.

    We Are Ready to be Your Design Partner

    Engineering Expertise

    A proven track-record with extensive experience.

    Customization & Prototyping

    Innovative Designs with Configurable Customization.

    Testing Capabilities

    Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing.

    Contract Assembly

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    Most Advanced Custom Designs


    Engineering Expertise

    Proven Tack-Record with Extensive Experience

    Customization & Prototyping

    Antennas with Innovative and Configurable Designs

    Testing Capabilities

    Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing

    Contract Assembly

    Final Assembly, Sub-Assembly or Kitting & Shipping


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