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Custom Design Antenna Engineering

Engineering Expertise

Knowledgeable Engineering Using Cutting Edge Technology & Processes.

Custom Design Antenna Engineering

Engineering Expertise

Antenna Solutions with Quality Engineering

Mobile Mark’s Engineering Technical Center provides a wide range of Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental testing Services. 

Mobile Mark employs highly skilled RF electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers who utilize cutting-edge technology and processes. Our engineers take full advantage of our in-house Technical Center equipped with the latest tools used for EMI simulations, mechanical, and thermal performance to ensure the critical RF signal efficiency path. 

Most conversations start with a round-table discussion between the customer and Mobile Mark. We then include our engineering team to determine if a design tweak or a custom design is needed. 

We try to customize our existing products to provide the most time-efficient solution for our customers. However, we are ready to do a custom design from concept to production when a complete redesign is required.

Once the concept design phase is complete, our engineers conduct design and process failure analysis (DFMEA PFME) verification on prototypes to ensure the antenna design meets or exceeds customer performance and expected life cycle requirements. 

Mobile Mark’s key differentiator is that our sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams collaborate under one roof. Establishing an effective communication channel is the main contributor to our continued success.

    We Are Ready to be Your Design Partner

    A proven track-record with extensive experience.

    Innovative Designs with Configurable Customization.

    Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing.

    Final Assembly, Sub-Assembly or Kitting & Shipping.

    Most Advanced Custom Designs


    Engineering Expertise

    Proven Tack-Record with Extensive Experience

    Customization & Prototyping

    Antennas with Innovative and Configurable Designs

    Testing Capabilities

    Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental Testing

    Contract Assembly

    Final Assembly, Sub-Assembly or Kitting & Shipping