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Infrastructure and Fixed Site

Extending the range of networks and providing a reliable signal for M2M is more important than ever.
Users expect high quality Cellular and WiFi signal regardless of their location – and existing network solutions are often not enough.


New antenna designs are always in the works to respond to changes in the wireless world, including new antennas for CBRS at 3.7 GHz and Band 71 at 600 MHz.  

Form & Function

We specialize in antennas, which allows us to focus on antennas.  We offer the widest range of styles and shapes to meet different mechanical and electrical requirements. 

Quality Control

Mobile mark follows strict manufacturing guidelines and process controls to ensure consistency in production and reliability in performance. 

Customers First

We work closely with our customers to understand your requirements for today’s project and tomorrow’s.  We want to be your antenna partner. 

Infrastructure and Fixed Site Antenna Solutions

Mobile Mark’s fixed site antennas are the ideal solution for building out base station systems and extending wireless network coverage. 

M2M network providers are continuously upgrading various portions of their infrastructure to improve the overall performance of their network.  One important aspect to consider in the big picture of network improvement is optimal antenna configuration. 

It is extremely important to have reliable and efficient antennas aligned to receive and transmit signals.  Fixed site antennas allow the infrastructure to be extended into hard to reach areas. 

infrastructure and fixed site antennas

CBRS & Private LTE

Expect to see more high frequency cellular applications using CBRS and Private LTE  applications.  These technologies rely on multiple antennas fixed onto base station towers for optimal functionality.  Mobile Mark builds high quality directional antennas that deliver the reliable signal needed between cellular M2M nodes and base stations.


Mobile Mark’s wide band OD and DOD series antennas offer superior omni-directional coverage for 4G LTE, while the Dual-Slant PND panel covers directional LTE and has a low PIM rating.  Specialized directional and omni-directional antennas allow the Cellular infrastructure to be extended into hard to reach areas, providing a strong and reliable signal regardless of where Cellular devices are being used. 


Commercial WiFi users will find that faster data transfer is now possible with improvements to wireless protocols, such as 802.11 ac and 802.11n.  With advances in WiFi protocol, WiFi signal has larger data throughout and extended range.  Mobile Mark manufactures site antenna options for WiFi infrastructure including panels, omni-directional, and sector designs.


DSRC and ITS Technology is commonly used for vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle applications.  Mobile Mark has designed several directional, omni-directional, bi-directional, and sector antennas for use in DSRC and ITS settings including urban intersections or along highways.  These antennas can help provide services for: vehicle crash prevention, emergency alerts to drivers, or even e-parking and toll payment.


Industrial Science and Medical radio bands can be used for data and non-voice applications for precision agriculture, agriculture monitoring, and remote weather stations.  UHF is used in two-way radio systems for industrial, public safety, utility, and military purposes.  Mobile Mark’s directional and omni-directional antennas are ideal solutions for ISM and UHF coverage.

Call Mobile Mark for the Most Advanced Infrastructure and Fixed Site Network Antenna Design

Mobile Mark offers antennas that keep you connected when communication is critical. As a trusted antenna manufacturer since 1984, Mobile Mark has established a track record for high performance and quality service. Review the specialized product lines listed below for more information and specifications.

Mobile Mark antennas can be used in a multitude of applications and settings.  Options may include directional YAGI designs, adjustable sector styles, omni-directional pole mounted antennas, or high gain panels.

We provide a quick response for both engineering advice and sales support for Fixed Site antenna design. Give us a call toll-free at 800-648-2800 or send an email to

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