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Public Safety p25 Antennas

Public Safety LTE Network Antenna Design

Public Safety and Emergency Response Demand Dependable Wireless Connections, and the Antenna Provides a Critical Link!

Public Safety p25 Antennas

Public Safety LTE Network Antenna Design

Dependable Wireless Connections for Public Safety

What is the link between public safety and LTE network antenna design? Public Safety and emergency response demands dependable wireless connections, and the antenna provides the critical link. Mobile Mark designs antenna solutions that optimize connections. From wireless network buildout to video streaming to fleet management, we have a solution for you. Check Out our Antennas that are compatible with your FirstNet Ready Device!

LMR Mobile Antennas ( VHF & UHF )


Sleek UHF MaxFin
Narrow Footprint
Fits in Ford Explorer Ridges

Broadband Mobile
VHF & UHF: 132-512 MHz
Spring-Mounted Base

Low Profile UHF Antenna

Low Profile UHF Antenna
NMO Mount or Tamperproof Stud

A55136 Bullet or Spring P25 VHF/UHF/700-800 MHz

P25 Triband Mobile
Covers VHF, UHF, 700/800
Solid/Spring-Loaded Base

Fleet Management & Video Streaming

LTMWG944 (4x Sub-6 5G Cellular, 4x WiFi 6E, GNSS)

9 Elements in One Radome
4x 5G , 4x WiFi 6E, & GNSS
Dual Carrier MIMO

9 Elements in One Radome
4x 5G, 4x WiFi 6E, GNSS
Dual Carrier MIMO

LLPG708 Low Profile Mobile Medical IoT Antenna, 5G Ready, Cellular, WiFi, GNSS

Low Profile Multiband
Ideal for Tall Vehicles
With or Without WiFi

NXD-W, 4 WiFi, Low Profile, MIMO WiFi, Antenna, Dual-Band WiFi, Medical IoT, IoMT, IoHT, Connected Healthcare, Digital Health

Low Profile & Rugged,
Up to 4x MIMO WiFi
Ideal as Mobile Hotspot

Public Safety Infrastructure



Panel Antenna,
6x MIMO Coverage
Improved WiFi Coverage

BSLL-150BB, OD3-150WB


Rugged VHF Base Station
Wide banded 130-180 MHz
All Bands Covered in 1


BS450 Series

UHF Base Station
Standard to Heavy-Duty
Unity Gain to 6 dB Gain

BS450XL3-1, BS750U-WB


Base Station Antenna
Targeted FirstNet Deploy
746-896 MHz & Band 14


Medical IoT Mobile Antenna Solutions

Mobile Mark offers antennas that keep you connected when communication is critical. As a trusted antenna manufacturer since 1984, Mobile Mark has established a track record for high performance and quality service. Review the specialized product lines listed below for more information and specifications. We provide a quick response for both engineering advice and sales support for public safety LTE antenna design. Give us a call toll-free at 800-648-2800 or send an email to