A4641 ( Low Profile UHF )

Heavy-Duty UHF Antenna

Gain:  Unity
Color: White or Black
Option 1: Standard TAD/NMO type
Option 2: or Type “N” Female Termination for Tamperproof Mounting

Frequency Ranges: 
A4641B-406      406-420MHz
A4641B-420      420-435MHz
A4641B-440      440-450MHz
A4641B-450      450-465MHz
A4641B-465      465-480MHz
A4641B-480      480-490MHz
A4641B-490      490-512MHz

Note for Above Model SKU shows “B” to reference the BLACK colored configuration with a Standard TAD/NMO type.
A4641– Black Finish Standard Configuration with Mount
A4641W – White Finish Standard Configuration with Mount
A4641BN – Black Finish with “N” Termination
A4641WN –White Finish with “N” Termination

2 3/4″ (6.9cm) for the Configuration with a Standard TAD/NMO type
or 2 5/8″ ( 6.6 cm ) for the Configuration with an “N” termination

DIAMETER: 1.5″ ( 4 cm )

The Low Profile UHF A4641 Series Antennas provide unity gain and are designed for heavy-duty service.  The antenna covers are UV inhibited ABS plastic black or white finishes (Custom colors are available).  Specify A4641B for a BLACK finish, or A4641W for a WHITE Finish.

In addition, If you would like this antenna to terminate with an “N” type connector,  Add “N” to the Model name.  Therefore specify A4641BN for the BLACK finish with “N” type connector or A4641WN for the WHITE finish with “N” type connector.

The Low Profile UHF A4641 antenna has a power handling capacity of 200 watts and a VSWR of <2.0:1 at 10 MHz. Please specify center frequency upon ordering, in addition to the specific configuration for the A4641 series, such as: A4641B, A4641W, A4641BN, or A4641WN.

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A4641 Series Spec Sheet REV 1

A4641B, A4641W, A4641BN, A4641WN