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  • Cellular M2M Antenna Solutions

    While there are parallels from one M2M (Machine-to-Machine) & Industrial IoT  network to another, each network is unique.  There is a need to assess the challenges and choose the right tools; one important tool is the antenna.

  • Cellular M2M Antenna Solutions

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Network Antenna Design

Mobile Mark can help you optimize the system’s performance by looking at the entire wireless system. We provide options for efficient performance from the device: embedded vs. external antenna choices, and we provide options for the network: directional vs. omni-directional. We also offer different mounting solutions.

Mobile Mark’s broadband antennas cover all of the possible cellular frequencies from the established 850 & 1900 MHz bands to the new 4G LTE band at 700 MHz, AWS bands at 1.7 & 2.1 GHz, and LTE plus at 2.5 GHz.

Mobile Mark’s Engineering Technical Center provides stand-alone RF Electrical and Environmental testing services. Our fully equipped testing facility includes a newly enlarged Anechoic Chamber. We offer Antenna Characterization data and reports, including Impedance Testing and Radiation Patterns.

We also conduct Environmental Testing based on Industrial & Military standards for Shock & Vibration; Water Ingress; Salt, Fog or Dust Ingress; and Temperature.

Industrial M2M Infrastructure


Compact Antenna
694-960 & 1700-2700 MHz
Overmold Radome


Heavy-Duty Surface Mount
Rugged; Impact Resistant 
Option Fixed location applications


Omni-directional Site antenna
Groundplane Independent 
vibration resistant mobile

Impact Resistant, Rugged Antennas


Omni-directional Site antenna
Groundplane Independent 
Optional Foam Filled Model avail.


Broadband Device Antenna
694-960 & 1710-2700 MHz
Rubber Duck Style Antenna


Single-Element, 1700-3700 MHz
Surface, Mag or Direct Mount
Heavy-Duty & Rugged Construction

Embedded Covert M2M Antennas


Flexible LTE Internal 
695-960 & 1710-2700 MHz
Bend Radius: 2.5″ (6.35cm)


Covert Multiband Antenna
2x LTE, 2x WiFi, 1x GNSS
MIMO Coverage


Overmold Dual Band
2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz
3 dBi Peak Gain

Data Transfer From Vehicle Antennas


2xLTE,  3x WiFi, 1x GNSS
Multiband MIMO
Low Profile Design


GNSS Multiband Antenna
Cellular, WiFi, GNSS
Mag Mount available 


M2M Surface Mount Antenna
1x Cellular & 1x GNSS
Low Profile 

Fixed Location M2M Antennas


Slim Blade Style Antenna
2x LTE, 1x GNSS
Multiband 4G LTE


2x CBRS, 3x WiFi, 1x GNSS
Configurable up to 7 Connections
Low Profile Design


Low Profile, Surface Mount
824-870 & 1850-1990 MHz
weatherproof UV rated ASA radome

Call Mobile Mark for the Most Advanced Cellular M2M Antenna Technology Solutions

Mobile Mark offers antennas that keep you wireless. As a trusted antenna manufacturer since 1984, Mobile Mark has established a track record for high performance and quality service. Here are the specialized areas that require M2M antennas: 

We provide a quick response for both engineering advice and sales support for M2M Antenna technology solutions. Give us a call toll-free at 800-648-2800 or send an email to



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