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Cellular M2M Antenna & Industrial IoT Antenna Solutions

While there are parallels from one M2M (Machine-to-Machine) & Industrial IoT  network to another, each network is unique.  There is a need to assess the challenges and choose the right tools; one important tool is the antenna.


New antenna designs are always in the works to respond to changes in the wireless world, including new antennas for CBRS at 3.7 GHz and band 71 at 600 MHz

Form & Function

We specialize in antennas, which allows us to focus on antennas.  We offer the widest range of styles and shapes to meet different mechanical and electrical requirements. 

Quality Control

Mobile Mark follows strict manufacturing guidelines and process controls to ensure consistency in production and reliability in performance. 

Customers First

We work closely with our customers to understand your requirements for today’s project and tomorrow’s.  We want to be your antenna partner. 

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Network Antenna Design

Mobile Mark can help you optimize the system’s performance by looking at the entire wireless system. We provide options for efficient performance from the device: embedded vs. external antenna choices, and we provide options for the network: directional vs. omni-directional. We also offer different mounting solutions.

Mobile Mark’s broadband antennas cover all of the possible cellular frequencies from the established 850 & 1900 MHz bands to the new 4G LTE band at 700 MHz, AWS bands at 1.7 & 2.1 GHz, and LTE plus at 2.5 GHz.

Mobile Mark’s Engineering Technical Center provides stand-alone RF Electrical and Environmental testing services. Our fully equipped testing facility includes a newly enlarged Anechoic Chamber. We offer Antenna Characterization data and reports, including Impedance Testing and Radiation Patterns.

We also conduct Environmental Testing based on Industrial & Military standards for Shock & Vibration; Water Ingress; Salt, Fog or Dust Ingress; and Temperature Cycling.

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cellular M2M antenna technology solutions
  • Industrial M2M Infrastructure

    From network setup at construction sites or oilfields, to data transfer along a smart grid, industrial M2M networks require dependable data transfer. Mobile Mark offers a range of rugged omnidirectional and directional site antennas designed to cover targeted areas, whether close-in or at a distance. Our antennas can meet industry-specific standards such as high voltage insulation or PTCRB requirements by Cellular Carriers.

  • Monitoring In Rugged Conditions With M2M Technology

    When you need to monitor in rugged conditions, M2M technology by Mobile Mark offers just the right equipment. Mobile Mark has a track record of developing antennas with environmental-resilience that protect against severe vibration, impact, water ingress or sea salt incursion. This can be achieved by over molding the antennas or filling the antenna housing with vibration absorbing material. Our antennas are built to be rugged and meet industry and military specification.

  • Embedded Covert M2M Solutions

    Some M2M solutions are placed in a tight space or in unusual settings, such as vending machines or wireless data terminals. Mobile Mark offers flexibility with off-the-shelf or custom designed embedded antennas. For applications requiring covert mounting, our low profile, impact resistant antennas can be mounted internally or externally. Solutions include the antenna board itself, as well as an antenna board in an over-molded, or custom-shaped radome.

  • M2M Solutions For Data Transfer From Vehicles

    Mobile Mark has M2M solutions for data transfer from vehicles. Real-time data captured from moving vehicles needs to be transmitted to a central monitoring location. Mobile Mark offers solutions ranging from a simple GPS-only antenna for navigation to a Multiband antenna that combines several applications (Vehicle location and tracking, mobile telemetry and WiFi hotspots) in the same package. We also offer multi-element antennas that provide LTE MIMO and WiFi MIMO coverage.

  • Fixed Locations Rely On M2M Antennas

    Remote monitoring of devices in fixed locations often depends on time sensitive data and M2M antennas. Alerts from security cameras or utility pole boxes contain critical information that needs to be acted upon. Or, driver warning notices can be transmitted out to remotely located digital signs to update drivers of important traffic developments. Reliable connections are critical to ensuring this continuous flow of information.

Call Mobile Mark for Cellular M2M Antenna Technology Solutions

Mobile Mark offers antennas that keep you wireless. As a trusted antenna manufacturer since 1984, Mobile Mark has established a track record for high performance and quality service. Here are the specialized areas that require M2M antennas: 

We provide a quick response for both engineering advice and sales support for M2M Antenna technology solutions. Give us a call toll-free at 800-648-2800 or send an email to

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