Wideband Log Periodic Antenna

Dual Log Periodic Antennas with Mounting Bracket
Provides Wideband 2X MIMO Coverage

Frequency & Gain:
600-4200 MHz, 14 dBi
4200-6000 Mhz, 6 dBi

This unique mounting bracket allows two Y42700WB log periodic antennas to be mounted together, creating a 2xMIMO installation.

Each antenna is independently fed by a separate cable.  Mounted together, the two cable feeds can be attached to a MIMO modem covering any applications within the 600-6000 MHz bandwidth.

The performance characteristics of each log periodic antenna are as follows:

High Performance: The log periodic design provides excellent wide band performance from 600 MHz to 6 GHz.

Rugged and weatherproof: Our hybrid radome construction provides excellent weather protection for our driven element. The radome is constructed of UV inhibited ABS.

Solid design: The elements are welded to the boom to provide excellent stability and intermod resistant operation.

Lightweight and Durable: This antenna is easily installed by one person, yet is designed to withstand 125 MPH winds. The heavy duty mounting plate is made from extruded aluminum.

Termination Options: Type A: 12″ Teflon pigtail with N-Female connector.

Comtelco antennas, now a Mobile Mark brand.

Y42700WB-2X (141.0 KiB, 103 downloads)