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Mobile Mark antennas are organized by frequency and application to make it easy to find the right antenna for any wireless projects.
In-Building Public Safety: CLTM 101
Mining: OD6-2400MOD2
Fleet Management: LTM944
Smart Highway, ITS Trial: MXF-5900

Cellular IoT & M2M

Mobile Mark designs site, mobile and device antennas,  both wide band and narrow band antennas within the entire 6-2-6 (600-6000 MHz) range, including CBRS and 5G-ready antennas.  Site, mobile, embedded and device antenna styles are available.

WiFi Networks

Mobile Mark’s WiFi Antennas are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small embedded antennas for device connectivity to heavy duty infrastructure antennas of industrial applications.

GPS Multiband by Elements

Mobile Mark offers mobile data communications antennas for Fleet Management Telemetry including single-band, dual-band and multi-band.  The models in this section are organized by the number of elements.

GPS GNSS Multiband by Model

Mobile Mark mobile data communications antennas for Fleet Management Telemetry in a variety of different shapes and profiles.  The models in this section are organized by the model series.


With the addition of the Comtelco Brand Antennas, Mobile Mark now offers a wide variety of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Antennas. Available for Mobile or Vehicle installations as well as for Base Station or Infrastructure installations.


We have been an active player in the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems.  Our antennas have been used in trials worldwide both as mobile antennas for OnBoard Units (OBU) and as infrastructure antennas for Roadside Units (RSU).

Specialty Networks

Many new wireless applications or new uses for established wireless technologies are emerging. We offer antennas for many of these specialty networks including Iridium, ISM, LoRaWAN, RFID and PTC 220.

Cables & Mounts

Mobile Mark offers cable assemblies for a variety of cable styles.  Cable lengths and connectors can be customized.  Mounting kits expand the mounting options available, including pole mounting and wall mounting. 

Active Antennas

Active Antennas

These Industrial grade high performing active antennas are specifically designed for use in rugged Military and Mining Networking environments. They improve wireless signal quality and reach using Mobile Mark’s 3D Signal™ technology.