DSRC & C-V2X Mobile Antenna

3 cables: 2xDSRC or C-V2X, 1xGPS

Cable 1&2: 5850-5925 MHz, 4 dBi gain (8 dBi peak)
Cable 3: GPS 1575 MHz, LNA 26 dB, 5 dBi nominal RHCP

Specify MMXF-5900 for the mag-mount version.

Specify MXFG-5900 for the GNSS version.


The MXF-5900 features 3 antenna elements in one antenna radome, two DSRC or C-V2X elements at 5850-5925 MHz and one GPS element for GPS at 1575 MHz.  This antenna offers high performance for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and DoT trials.

The rugged MXF5900 antenna can be mounted to any vehicle, including a car, van, truck or bus. It measures only 7.50″ L by 2.25″ W by 2.50″ H (19cm x 5.7 cm x 6.4cm).  The antenna is so narrow, that is can even fit between the ribs on a 2020 Ford Explorer or Ford Interceptor.

A GNSS antenna (GPS, Galileo, Glonass) can be substituted for the GPS antenna.  Use model number MXFG-5900 to specify this option.

This antenna can also be configured as a mag-mount.  Use model number MMXF-5900 for the GPS model and MMXFG-5900 for the GNSS model.


Mxf-5900 And Mmxf-5900 Spec Sheet (294.0 KiB, 212 downloads)
MXF-5900 Series Radiation Pattern (121.4 KiB, 75 downloads)
MMXF-5900 Series Radiation Pattern (121.4 KiB, 70 downloads)