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    Antenna Match-Up Guides for Your Routers, Gateways, Modems, and Devices.

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Match-Up Guides

We’ve designed these Easy-To-Use Match-Up Guides for your convenience. These Match-Up Guides are for Routers, Gateways, Modems, and Devices. You will see familiar OEMs such as Digi, Cradlepoint, Peplink, Sierra Wireless, Red Lion, Microhard, InHand Networks, Rajant, Ewon, Moxa, TekTelic, Teltonika Networks, Inseego, BEC Technologies, Kognitive Networks, Havis, and More!

These guides show how many connections each router has in relation to the number of connections each Antenna has. In addition, there are various combination options to fulfill all the connections on your device. Each Guide references the Frequency bands that are covered, the number and types of ports, types of connectors and cables, as well as mag mount versions of our Antennas. Feel free to click around for ease of navigation, including direct links to various product pages.