LLPG304 (1xLTE, 1xUHF, 1xGNSS)

Low Profile Multiband UHF Surface Mount Antenna

Cable 1 (Global LTE)- 694-4200 MHz
Cable 2 (UHF):  450-470 MHz
Cable 3 (GNSS):  1575 – 1602 MHz

Specify LLP304 for no GNSS (GPS & Glonass) application.

The LLPG304 introduces a lower profile antenna design that can facilitate up to 3 cables.

It comes equipped with one connection for Global LTE (694-4200 Mhz), one UHF connection (450-470 MHz), and one GPS/Glonass connection (1575 and 1602 MHz).

This lower profile antenna is designed specifically for public safety applications.

Llpg304 Spec Sheet (227.9 KiB, 103 downloads)
LLP304 Series Radiation Pattern (207.4 KiB, 48 downloads)