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PSKN5-626 (5G Ready Rubber Duck)

High Gain 5G ready Rubber Duck Antenna

90° Knuckle Swivel

Frequency:  617-6000 MHz

Gain: 3 dBi Peak


PSKN5-626-RS for the Rev Pol SMA Connection

or PSKN5-626-S for the SMA Plug configuration



The PSKN5-626 wideband device antenna covers the entire 5G Sub-6 frequency band from 617-6000 MHz. The “6-2-6” antenna solutions make it possible to connect to any of the current or planned cellular frequency bands that reside at or below 6 GHz.

The Knuckle Swivel feature of the antenna allows it to be adjusted into one of three different angles: straight, 45° bend, or 90° bend. An ideal antenna for a variety of routers for 5G.

PSKN5-626 (5G ready Rubber Duck ) comes with an SMA Plug Connector. In addition, this device antenna measures 7 5/8″ tall,  1.92″ wide, and 3/8″ thick.

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PSKN5-626 Spec Sheet