4x MIMO CBRS Panel

Frequency: 3.4 – 4.2 GHz

Gain:  8 dBi

The PND8-3800 directional panel antenna was designed for use in 5G, CBRS & Private LTE networks.  This Panel antenna offers 4X MIMO coverage on C-Band & CBRS. It achieves MIMO performance by using multiple polarization’s for the four elements housed within the antenna. It provides 4x MIMO with a frequency coverage at 3.4 – 4.2 GHz.

This antenna comes with full MIMO capability with an impressive 8 dBi gain range. The strong gain level provides wireless coverage over a longer didstance. The Beamwidth on the antenna is 70° azimuth (horizontal) x 60° elevation (vertical). This provides adequate beamwidth coverage for easy installation and alignment.

The Standard Pole Mount with the adjustable tilt allows the antenna to be adjusted up to 22° downtilt.

This sturdy antenna can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations. Coverage settings include mesh systems, point-to-point or point-to-multi-point applications.

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PND8-3800 Spec Sheet