Device Antenna

Frequency: 1500-2700 MHz
Gain: 3 dBi
1500-2400 MHz <2:1
2400-2700 MHz <2.5:1

*Measured WITHOUT a Ground Plane*

The PSGN-2000S is a halfwave portable and flexible device antenna with an INNOVATIVE NEW DESIGN. The antenna operates on the frequency range of 1500-2700 MHz, with 3 dBi gain.  In addition, this frequency range is for Military applications at 1650 MHz. It is also a specialized Advanced Wireless Systems (AWS) applications at 1.7-2.1 MHz.

Our PSGN-2000S is covered in a flexible poly heat shrink. This allows it to bend in any direction, furthermore making it an ideal device to be directed for a narrow or specific configuration.

Its flexible rubber duck design requires no ground plane for operation. In addition, they can be used with products that consist of an
all plastic chassis or case.

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