DSRC & C-V2X Mobile Antenna

3 cables: 2x DSRC or C-V2X, 1x GNSS

Cable 1&2: 5850-5925 MHz, 4 dBi gain (8 dBi peak)
Cable 3 (GNSS): 1561, 1575, & 1602 MHz, LNA 26 dB, 5 dBi nominal RHCP

Specify MMXFG-5900 for the mag-mount version.

Specify MXF-5900 for the GPS version.


The MXFG-5900 features 3 antenna elements in one antenna radome, two DSRC or C-V2X elements at 5850-5925 MHz and one GNSS element. GNSS operates on GPS, Galileo, Glonass, QZSS or Beidou at 1561, 1575, & 1602 MHz. In addition, this antenna offers high performance for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and DoT trials.

Furthermore, Mount the rugged MXFG-5900 antenna to any vehicle, including a car, van, truck or bus. It measures only 7.50″ L by 2.25″ W by 2.50″ H (19cm x 5.7 cm x 6.4cm). The antenna is so narrow, that is can even fit between the ribs on a 2020 Ford Explorer or Ford Interceptor.

Use model number MXF-5900 to specify the GPS version of this model. Also, this antenna can also be configured as a mag-mount.  Use model number MMXF-5900 for the GPS model and MMXFG-5900 for the GNSS model.

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MXF-5900 Radiation Pattern