Omni-directional Infrastructure Antenna, DSRC

Frequency: 5.9-6.0 GHz
Gain: 6 dBi

Related models:
ECO9-5900RN, 9 dBi gain
ECO12-5900RN, 12 dBi gain

The new ECO6-5900RN DSRC Antenna uses the latest PCB technologies. It provides high-speed broadband system performances in an economical package.

The ECO6-5900RN are free space antennas; therefore, no ground plane is required.

The antenna element has a white fiberglass radome. In addition, the Models numbers containing “RN”. This indicates that the antennas terminated with a recessed N plug (male) connector.

Also, models are available in 9 dBi and 12 dBi gain.  All three models cover the same frequency band.

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ECO6-5900 Radiation Pattern