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Covert Wireless Antennas

All models of the covert antennas come with separate cabling for the Cellular/PCS and GPS Bands.This covert antenna operates on GPS as well as all dual-band cellular systems for CDMA, GSM,3G/4G and LTE.”

GPS technology is the latest innovation in data communication systems and its use for fleet management, vehicle location & tracking, and automotive telematics is sweeping across industries. At Mobile Mark we have stayed abreast with this change, and as part of the range of antenna systems that we offer in the field of GPS tracking, we design and manufacture covert wireless antennas.

Our covert wireless antennas can be mounted in out of the way locations such as under the dash board or rear parcel deck. The GPS portion features 5 dBic gain with 27 dB active amplifier; the Cellular & GSM portion typically features 1-2 dBi gain. This covert antenna operates on GPS as well as all dual-band cellular systems for CDMA, GSM,3G/4G and LTE. Our antenna design is our own innovation and has been patented. More specific information on the covert wireless antenna has been given for your convenience.

At Mobile Mark our manufacturing capabilities are flexible, and we can handle the requirements of small, specialized manufacturers as well as major players in the GPS tracking industry. We have in-house testing facilities and a highly qualified and specialized team of engineers to make sure that our product designs exceed client expectations and the quality of our covert wireless antennas is of the highest level.

For more information on our covert wireless antennas, please use our contact form here, or get in touch with us at the email addresses or phone numbers provided on this page.

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