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Antenna Solutions

Antenna solutions are the foundation of the wireless industry, which is expanding at an ever-quickening pace.

“The surface mount antennas are very low profile and can be used on any vehicle.”

Mobile Mark provides a range of surface mount low profile antennas. These can be used for Cellular GSM and CDMA antennas, and GPS Multi-band antennas, to name just a few applications.

Mobile Mark’s GPS antennas provide single and multi-band coverage for navigation and vehicle tracking applications. The surface mount antennas are very low profile and can be used on any vehicle. They are tough and perform well even in adverse conditions. The low profile antennas are enclosed in a weatherproof polycarbonate radome, and supplied with all hardware and sealing gasket. In the dual band antenna model, cellular performance is provided by low profile air dielectric radiating element. However, they are high on efficiency and can maintain effective radiation across the desired frequency range, with omni-directional coverage.

The wide range of low profile cellular and GSM antennas from Mobile Mark can also be used for designing efficient, low cost wireless data networks. These antennas can be mounted on to any vehicle, container or bulkhead by using a 5/8″ (16mm) stud for securing to the surface. The DM Series antennas provide ultra low profile (1.5″ H, 38 mm) with unity gain at 850 MHz (925 MHz in Europe) & 2 dBi gain at 1.9 GHz (1.8 GHz in Europe). The required sealing gasket and mounting hardware is supplied with all low profile antennas.

If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to call us at the following numbers – US – (800) 648-2800 and UK – +44 1543 878343. If you prefer to write in to us, the e-mail ids are and for US and UK respectively. We’ll be happy to provide all possible information on our range of low profile antennas.

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