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Telecommunication System Antennas

“The range of telecommunication system antennas that we have developed at Mobile Mark includes fixed site antennas for wireless networks.”

At Mobile Mark we conceptualize, engineering design and develop antennas for wireless telecommunication systems.

Telecommunication systems, whether they are based on Cellular frequencies or WiFi frequencies have become such an integral part of every aspect of our lives in today’s world that living without them is virtually impossible to imagine. Whether we consider mobile phone systems, wireless internet or GPSnavigation systems, they are all indispensable. And what lies at the basis of all of these is reliable and well functioning telecommunication system antennas.

The range of telecommunication system antennas that we have developed at Mobile Mark includes fixed site antennas for wireless networks or point-to-point coverage, mobile antennas for cars, trucks and cargo containers, and device antennas for hand-portable and fixed devices such as modems. Typical antennas include the Thru-Window antennas, Patch antennas, Omni-Directional antennas, Corner Reflector antennas, Portable Device antennas, Magnet Mount and Surface Mount antennas and many others. We have given detailed and specific information about the entire range within different telecommunication system categories.

To make our development process of telecommunication system antennas possible we have a team of highly trained and competent engineers and state-of-the-art infrastructure including a fully equipped modeling shop and comprehensive testing facilities. We make sure that we work closely with every client to understand their wireless product as best as we can and develop an appropriate design solution for the corresponding telecommunication system antenna accordingly. In fact, we not only develop the antenna from the conceptualization to the final product stage, but also give our clients active engineering inputs about their wireless product itself. Often our engineering design advice and ideas have helped our clients develop their product design to make it more reliable and cost effective.

If you would like to know more about our telecommunication system antennas, whether they are based on Cellular frequencies or WiFi frequencies, or our engineering design services, please contact us. You could use the contact form given on this page or use the detailed contact information of our American and European divisions.

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