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GPS Vehicle Tracking Antennas

At Mobile Mark we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing GPS vehicle tracking antennas for wireless companies. We have worked with and supplied to clients throughout the world such as fleet management companies, municipalities, utilities, and other groups monitoring the location of their vehicles.

Our way is to approach every project as a fresh requirement that demands a fresh solution. We specialize in multiband a antenna which allows us to create the antenna combiniation that is optimal for the application. This is why a lot of the design solutions for GPS vehicle tracking antennas that we have offered clients have been innovative and exceeded the clients expectations. In fact, some of our designs for GPS antennas have been patented and are available only with us.

The range of antennas that we have designed and developed in the GPS category includes On-window antennas, Surface Mount antennas (low profile and dome & whip), Covert antennas and Magnet Mount antennas. The wide range of antennas allows users to select the frequency combination or mounting style that works best for their applications. Typical combinations include GPS & Cellular or GPS, Cellular & WiFi or GPS, Cellular & Public Safety or even GPS, Cellular, WiFi & Orbcomm. Specific models within these categories have been conceptualized, modeled, developed and then tested in-house by our experienced team of highly specialized and trained engineers. To assist their expertise we have a fully equipped modeling shop and comprehensive testing facilities. The entire effort is not just to design a reliable, efficient and cost-effective GPS vehicle tracking antenna, but primarily to offer active support and partnership to our clients in the development of their complete wireless GPS product.

For your convenience we have provided specific, detailed information about each category of GPS antennas within the GPS section of our website. However, if you would like more information about our range of vehicle tracking antennas, please contact us. You could simply use the contact form or use the contact details provided to get in touch with our American or European factories.

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