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Remote GPS Antenna

“A GPS device or receiver works with 24 orbiting satellites positioned around the earth.”

You can have a remote application that uses a GPS antenna but the term Remote GPS Antenna doesn’t mean anything.

A GPS antenna for remote monitoring applications can be quite a useful thing to invest in. However, before we continue, let’s take a look at what GPS is and how it works. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. A GPS device or receiver works with 24 orbiting satellites positioned around the earth. With the help of accurate signals from these satellites, it’s possible to fix anyone’s position anywhere in this world. Apart from its obvious military applications, GPS can be used for a variety of applications like aircraft and ship navigation, fleet tracking etc.

Depending on the type of antenna, a GPS device can be placed anywhere for optimal efficiency. A remote antenna with a commercial multiband GPS unit can be put on any type of valuable assets, such as a piece of heavy machinery or a cargo container, to trace its position. With an automotive GPS unit, a remote antenna can be placed anywhere on the dashboard where the signal reception is best. If you have a fixed mount GPS, an external antenna can be mounted in a cabin or under a roof. It will still be in a position to track the satellite with the placement of the antenna under the open sky.

Every product at Mobile Mark is bound to live up to the most stringent demands of customer satisfaction. Our range of remote antennas will provide improved satellite coverage for your GPS unit. By providing additional gain to your receiver, out remote GPS antennas will give you complete 360 degree view of the sky. This will improve the tracking ability of the receiver and the DOP of your position fix. You can be sure that our remote GPS antenna will provide hassle free service for many, many years. Try us out, you will not be disappointed.

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