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GSM External Antennas

GSM systems have specific antenna design requirements. Because GSM technology provides the capability for global communications between wireless carriers, the antennas that make this happen are quite technologically advanced. Both towers and the phones themselves use antennas to communicate. The constant advancement of technology means that antenna design companies have to work hard to not only keep up with the demand for innovations, but to create them as well. GSM has already spawned newer, more improved generations in the form of 3G and 4G technologies like EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA–and, eventually, LTE–while the competing CDMA protocol has moved to EV-DO. With over 3 billion users worldwide, the technology seems poised to reach even greater heights in years to come.

Precision antenna design is the basis of GSM, CDMA and a wide variety of other wireless communications, from Wi-Fi Internet to GPS systems and public safety networks. Because the requirements and goals of each project can vary widely, custom antenna design and production is often necessary for a successful result.

Antenna Design for Complex Communications Systems

The wireless communications industry continues to advance all the time. As new ways of keeping in touch with friends, family and business associates are created, more antenna innovations will be needed to keep pace. Antenna designers are at the forefront of this very important sector of modern life. Mobile Mark designs antennas for a variety of commercial applications for companies around the world. Contact Mobile Mark via email at or call 1-800-648-2400 or 847-671-6690.

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