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Antenna installation is a critical part of any wireless project. The design company can do an outstanding job by producing a first-class antenna, but it will do no good if the installation isn’t perfect. Systems integrators and installers need to be able to rely on a dependable source of antennas with enough variety to provide an antenna to fit each application. Competent design antenna companies will be able to create custom solutions based on unique customer specifications.

Antenna Installation for a Variety of Applications

Wireless antenna installation must be performed for any new communications network in the following fields:

  • Data modems operating on cellular networks
  • Wireless broadband services, including Wi-Fi and future generations like WiMAX
  • Fleet vehicle tracking
  • Some types of RFID technology

GSM networks are becoming more common each year, with the GSM industry experiencing exponential growth. The technology has expanded to include new 3G and 4G versions like UMTS, EDGE and HSDPA, while CDMA has introduced improved capabilities in the form of EV-DO. The popularity of these networks is of course especially high among teenagers and young adults who appreciate the ability to send text and multimedia messages, but business travelers also enjoy the global roaming these networks provide. Another important service of GSM networks is the universal emergency number, which allows customers to call emergency services anywhere in the world, without having to know the local number.

GSM and other wireless communications systems can use both external and internal antennas. Mobile Mark designs site, mobile and device antennas for the entire wireless communications industry and works with companies around the world. Contact Mobile Mark at, 1-800-648-2400 or 847-671-6690.

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