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Cellular Machine-To-Machine Antenna

“Many of our M2M antenna designs have been patented and are only available from Mobile Mark.”

Efficient Cellular machine to machine (M2M) antennas make the operation of machine to machine applications such as M2M wireless monitoring and remote sensing possible. These applications connect remote assets to central IT systems and allow real-time data to be delivered across locations. They are very useful for enhanced services in the fields of fleet management, ATMs, logistics, order tracking, vehicle navigation, vehicle diagnostics and vending machines amongst others.

At Mobile Mark we have expertise in conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing Cellular M2M antennas. We have worked for wireless companies in different parts of the world, providing the engineering expertise and designing and manufacturing services for their machine to machine antenna needs.

Our in-house capabilities include the facilities and experience to not only assist wireless companies in the development of their M2M antenna but also to be an active partner in the overall development of the M2M product. For example, we understand the importance of designing antennas that can be paired with a M2M wireless modem to pass Carriers’ PTCRB certification. We achieve this by giving active inputs to our customers on how to make each wireless product better, more reliable and cost-effective. Talking about the antenna per se, we are constantly looking to come up with innovative design solutions that are ideal for the functionality that is required by the given Cellular M2M application. Many of our M2M antenna designs have been patented and are only available from Mobile Mark.

We recognize the fact that the right infrastructure is critical for optimizing the value of our engineering expertise. This is why we have a fully equipped modeling shop and comprehensive testing facility. At the end of the day we rigorously test our M2M antennas and make sure that they meet or exceed our customer’s design specifications such as PTCRB testing requirements.

For more details on our capabilities and products in M2M antennas, please contact us. We have provided a contact form for your convenience, and this page also contains all the contact information for our American as well as European divisions.

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