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Bi-directional & Quad-directional Rod Antenna displayed at ITS America 2019

Itasca, IL – June 5, 2019 – Many V2X infrastructures can be successfully built out with a mix of Omni-directional and Directional DSRC antennas. Adding bi-directional and quad-directional rod antennas to the mix increases the options for the Network Design Engineers.

At the upcoming ITS America exhibition in June 2019, Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions will be featuring both a Bi-Directional Rod Antenna and a Quad-Directional Rod Antenna. According to Mobile Mark’s President and CEO, Michael Berry “While many intersections are best served by omni-directional antennas, other intersections may experience atypical traffic flows and benefit from Bi-Directional coverage along the principal route.”

The Bi-Directional Rod Antenna features double radiators and a single feed. This narrow diameter antenna can be mounted in the middle of an intersection, along a highway or in any setting best served with narrow beamwidth coverage. Heavy duty hose clamp mounting accommodates pipes or poles of vastly different diameters.

The Dielectric Rod Antenna provides 14 dBi gain from 5.0-6.00 GHz with a 30° beamwidth. With a gain of 14 dBi, the antenna has three-times (3x) the Effective Radiating Power (ERP) of a typical 9 dBi Omni-directional antenna. While 9 dBi gain is ample in many installations, areas that are narrow and hard to cover will benefit from the higher performance of the 14 dBi gain antenna.

Mobile Mark is also introducing a Quad-Directional Rod Antenna. According to Michael Berry “The Quad-directional Rod Antenna offers an interesting twist for urban intersections. The radiation energy is channeled by the rods into four distinct directions. It provides far-reaching coverage along each of these corridors and is ideally suited to maximize coverage for urban intersections.”

The Quad-Directional Rod Antenna provides 15 dBi gain in each of the four directions with a 29° beamwidth on both Elevation and Azimuth. The four radiating elements are fed together into a single N jack connector.

This robust infrastructure antenna has a Max power rating of 200 Watts. To install, the antenna can be attached to either a horizontal or vertical pipe with up to 2 ½” Outside Diameter (OD). In addition, after installation, the polarity of the antenna can be configured to either a horizontal or vertical polarization.

Mobile Mark’s full range of DSRC, V2V and V2I antennas will be on display in booth #311 at ITS America 2019 in Washington DC from June 5-7, 2019.

About Mobile Mark, Inc.

Mobile Mark, Inc. designs and manufactures site, mobile, device, embedded and covert antennas for 30 MHz – 9 GHz. Applications include GPS Tracking & Fleet Management, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles with DSRC & C-V2X, Cellular 4G LTE & 5G-ready CBRS, WiFi, ISM, LoRaWAN®, RFID, Land Mobile Radio, IoT and M2M for Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, Smart Meters & Grids. Engineering and custom design services are available. Mobile Mark’s global headquarters, which include a manufacturing plant and research facilities, are located near Chicago, IL. An additional manufacturing and sales facility is located near Birmingham, UK. Further information on Mobile Mark’s DSRC Antennas can be found on our website:

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