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Cellular And 4G LTE Antennas For A Constantly Evolving Cellular World

Wireless technology today is moving at an even faster rate than before to meet the increasing demands of carriers, integrators, installers, and end users. This of course includes 4G LTE technology, where more and more data is being used and bandwidth limits are constantly tested. System integrators now need hardware that can handle these increased wireless demands, including reliable Mobile Cellular and 4G LTE Antennas.

The LMWG201 from Mobile Mark offers a Low Profile Mobile LTE Solution in addition to GPS. For vehicle applications requiring a stable LTE connection, this surface mounted antenna provides outstanding performance on the 695-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz bands for LTE. It also has a GPS unit for capability at 1575 MHz. Gain for this antenna is rated at Unity for 695-960 MHz, 3 dBi for 1710-2700 MHz, and 5 dBi for 1575 MHz.

For customers requiring Global LTE, the LMWG202 operates in the frequency range of 695-960 MHz and 1710-3700 MHz. Global LTE, as the name states, refers to LTE networks outside of the United States. Compatibility with global networks allows Mobile Mark antennas to be used almost anywhere, helping expand and grow LTE networks around the world. The LMW202 also comes with a GPS element at 1575 MHz. Gain specifications for the LMW202 remain identical to the LMW201.

LTE-U is a recent development that allows cellphone carriers to boost coverage in their cellular networks by using 4G LTE in unlicensed spectrums such as the 5 GHz WiFi band. In order to build out the infrastructure for LTE-U, carriers will need LTE-U compatible antennas like Mobile Mark’s LMWG203. The LMW203 functions at 695-960 MHz, and also has expanded LTE-U capability for the 1710-6000 MHz band. Gain for the 695-960 MHz band is Unity as with the previous LMW antennas, however the 1710-6000 MHz band operates with 3-5 dBi gain. Also like the other antennas in this family, the LMW203 has a second cable for GPS at 1575 MHz.

All three LMW Cellular and 4G LTE antennas use RF-195 cable for the LTE antenna element, and RG-174 cable for the GPS element. The LMW series antennas all terminate with SMA plugs by default, however custom connector and cable options are also available. These antennas are ground plane independent, and can mount to surfaces up to 1/2” in thickness.

As cellular networks continue to grow, antenna requirements grow as well to match new specifications. The LMW series provides a range of Cellular and 4G LTE Antennas for Mobile Mark customers to choose from depending on the needs of their project. Whether its standard 4G LTE, Global LTE, or LTE-U – Mobile Mark can help you find the antenna that is right for you.

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