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Combination Antenna Made For Public Transit Wireless Systems

Itasca, IL – Oct 25, 2016 –A hot button topic that has become prevalent in cities around the world is the implementation of stable and reliable public transit wireless systems. Users and fleet management companies alike benefit from having wireless capability on board public transit vehicles.
Systems that combine Cellular, WiFi, and GPS in public transit vehicles are needed to provide services for fleet management, vehicle tracking, and passenger connectivity on the go. These transit wireless systems rely on high quality communications antennas for high speed data transmissions.

Mobile Mark’s SMW-312 GPS Multiband Surface Mount antenna can is used on the most popular types of public transit vehicles including trains, taxis, and public buses.  It features three antenna elements inside of a single radome: one cellular, one WiFi, and one GPS unit.

The wideband cellular element covers LTE at 700 MHz, 850 & 1900 GSM/CDMA bands, 1.7 & 2.1 AWS bands, as well as XLTE, LTE-A, Spark and WiMAX 2.5. The second element can be used for WiFi at 2.4 & 5 GHz or it can be used for other wireless applications such as Public Safety at 4.9 GHz or DSRC at 5.9 GHz. Finally, the third element is a GPS unit with 1575 MHz coverage at 5 dBi gain.

The easily recognizable radome for the SMW-305 is made from ASA weatherproof and UV resistant material. The radome is available in black or white depending on the cosmetic needs of the public transit vehicle, and the antenna is supplied with all mounting hardware and a sealing gasket. It is available as either a surface mount (SMW) or mag mount (MGW), and can be configured for combined GPS & Glonass use (SMW-G).


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