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Looking for Comtelco Antennas?

Comtelco industries is now a part of the Mobile Mark family and the Comtelco brand antennas are listed along side the
Mobile Mark antennas in this website. 


 Mobile Mark and Comtelco brand antennas cover the full range of frequencies including LMR frequencies at 25-174 MHz and 220-512 MHz, Cellular and P25 frequencies and WiFi frequencies.  Only the most popular models have individual product pages on the website.  If you are looking for additional antenna models, please visit our Tech Resource Section and review the individual spec sheets listed under Comtelco Data Sheets, or look at the electronic Comtelco Catalog.

Why are the Comtelco antennas listed with the Mobile Mark antennas?

Comtelco Antennas have a long history with a well-earned reputation as high performing antennas.  It started with the creation, in 1982, of Whisco Component Engineering, Inc. by three former Motorola employees.  The concept was to design, develop and manufacture product for the communications market.

Comtelco was created as a division of Whisco Component Engineering to distribute products that were designed by the parent company and eventually evolved into Comtelco Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary that sold products throughout the world.  

In 2017, Comtelco Industries was acquired by Mobile Mark.  All of the Comtelco antennas, equipment and personnel have been folded into the Mobile Mark family.  This was an easy “just down the road” move from Glendale Heights to Itasca, IL!

Long time Comtelco industry customers know that customer satisfaction has been the company’s highest goal.  This tradition will continue under the Mobile Mark umbrella. 

Bob Scorza, former President of Comtelco explained, “We believe Mobile Mark will continue to bring value to our customers by investing in research and development.  We know how they operate their business and we know their commitment to the industry.  We have every confidence that they will continue to provide the highest quality products, offering the best performance and reliability.” 

Mobile Mark’s President, Michael Berry, is solidly behind the move.  As he put it, “This is part of Mobile Mark’s commitment to providing high quality antenna solutions for commercial wireless applications.  We are pleased to welcome Comtelco into the Mobile Mark family of antennas.  Their antennas embody reliability and high performance and compliment the current Mobile Mark antenna line.  We respect and value Comtelco’s strong ties in the wireless industry and believe that together we are stronger.” 

The Comtelco team is now part of the Mobile Mark family, and all of us at Mobile Mark are here to help with the transition.  

More information about the Comtelco antenna line can be found at

Let us know if we can help you find a specific antenna style or a specific Comtelco Brand model number.