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Whether you are looking for Mobile, Base Station, Fixed Site or Device Antennas, we offer a wide selection of choice from 37 MHz – 7.2 GHz.  Our Mobile Mark and Comtelco Brand antennas are Made-in-the-USA at our Chicago area factory.
Our creative engineers and knowledgeable sales staff can help you plan out your VHF, UHF, ISM, WiFi or Cellular networks with reliable, innovative antenna solutions.

Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions:

  • Rugged LMR Base Station Antennas
  • Multiband 5G, WiFi, GNSS Surface Mount Antennas
  • Tri-band P25 (VHF/UHF/700) Mobile Antennas
  • MIMO Directional Infrastructure Antennas
  • Vibration Resistant Antennas for Large Vehicles

Base Stations

A55136 Triband Whip Mobile Antenna A55136TB A55136TBS



Guides to Choosing Antennas

Use these handy one page guides to find antenna solutions for your wireless networks.


Mobile Mark offers Mobile, Site and Device Antennas for traditional Land Mobile Radio networks. From traditional whip-style mobile antennas to low profile multiband solutions, to rugged broadband base stations, these solutions help LMR users select the mix that works best for them.

Public Safety

See how Antennas can be used in Public Safety wireless settings from traditional VHF & UHF mobile networks to Advanced Fleet Management to Streaming Video over WiFi. Solutions include single-band coverage and multi-band coverage.

Utility Sector

See how Antennas can be used in the Utilities Sector. Antennas Solutions range from Smart Grid to Smart Meters to Service Vans. See the ways your Utility network can be connected.

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