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Mechanical & Environmental Testing

We offer extensive testing based on Industrial & Military standards.

Mobile Mark’s Engineering Technical Center provides a wide range of Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental testing Services.  

We have the ability to run a wide range of testing based on Industrial & military standards.  Our equipment can be used to test for Shock & Vibration standards including: IEEE1478, EN61373, EN300-019, MIL-810G, TIA 329.2-C, IEC 60068, and SAE J1455.  

We also have the ability to test for Water, Salt, Fog and Dust ingress standards that fall within the full range of Ingress Protection (IP) ratings.  IPX7 and IP67 are some of the more common ratings we test for.

Mobile Mark can also help with product modifications or custom-designs.  Samples can be generated in our fully equipped Machine Shop.  We are also to fabricate plastic and injection mold radome designs in-house and supplement them with additional metal work if needed.


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