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Featured Product: Slim Profile Antenna Solutions Featured At PWX 2016

Mobile Mark showcases blade style radome for a variety of frequencies.

As seen on display at booth #1812 at PWX 2016 is Mobile Mark’s unique blade style antenna radome, a slim profile form factor that can facilitate antenna elements for several different wireless bands.

Multiple Mobile Mark products use this radome, the first being the LTB301. This antenna combines two cellular elements at 694 to 960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz with an additional GPS unit at 1575 MHz. The cellular elements have between 3 and 4 dBi gain, while the GPS unit has 5 dBi gain.

Another antenna that uses the new slim profile package is the BD-5800, designed for Bi-Directional WiFi in the frequency range of 5.725 to 5.85 GHz. Boasting an impressive 13 dBi gain, this antenna is small in size but still delivers powerful performance.

Finally, there is the BD-5900 antenna which provides the same thin radome solution for Global DSRC and ITS applications. This antenna also has a remarkable 13 dBi gain, meaning that it is able to carry the 5.9 GHz signal even further.

Learn more about Mobile Mark’s Infrastructure and Fixed Site Antenna Solutions by reading our market brochure below.

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