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The unveiling of the low profile

Nexus (NXD) Series!

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Mobile Mark now offers antenna solutions that provide wideband coverage from 600-6000 MHz.  5G is the newest generation of cellular network technology.  There is a fast growing interest for antennas that can cover the entire “6-2-6” frequency band, from 600-6000 MHz.  These antennas make it possible to connect to any of the current or planned cellular frequency bands that reside at or below 6 GHz.

For more detailed information about our entire 6-2-6 antenna line, click here

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5G ready “6-2-6”

Mobile Mark’s Super Wideband Antennas cover the entire sub-6 frequency band from 600-6000 MHz. The “6-2-6” antenna solutions make it possible to connect to any of the current or planned cellular frequency bands that reside at or below 6 GHz.



Land Mobile Radio continues to be an important option for many commercial and governmental wireless users. These terrestriallybased wireless communications systems are used by Emergency Responders, Public Works, Construction, Utilities, and the Military to dispatch vehicle fleets or stay connected to mobile personnel.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Public Safety and emergency response demand dependable wireless connections, and the antenna provides the critical link. Mobile Mark designs antenna solutions that optimize connections. From wireless network buildout to video streaming to fleet management, we have a solution for you.

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Public Safety

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