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Featured Product: DSRC Solutions Featured At ITS America 2016

Mobile Mark showcases vehicle mount and infrastructure antennas for DSRC solutions


As seen on display at ITS America 2016 in San Jose are several of Mobile Mark’s offerings for DSRC and ITS Smart Highway solutions, with featured antennas operating in the frequency range of 5.85-5.93 GHz. 

For customers that need easy to install vehicle mounted DSRC solutions, look no further than the IW-5900. This antenna mounts directly to the window of the vehicle, attached with strong binding double sided tape, making it ideal for a non-permanent solution. The radome of IW-5900 is designed with an internal element tilt to match the tilt angle of the vehicle windshield.

Similar to the IW-5900, the IW-5900/1575 antenna functions on the DSRC band at 5.85-5.93 GHz, but also has added functionality for GPS at 1575.42 MHz.

For a more comprehensive solution, the SMW-303 offers three separate connections for DSRC, WiFi, and GPS in a single compact radome. The SMW is typically drill mounted to the roof of a vehicle with a threaded base bolt, but it can also be ordered with a magnet mount.

Mobile Mark also manufactures antennas for fixed DSRC applications, including the ECO6-5900. This free space antenna can operate without a ground plane, and terminates with a female N-connector, ideal for high-speed broadband systems that utilize PCB technologies.

Learn more about Mobile Mark’s full line of ITS antenna solutions by reading our ITS market brochure below.

Click here to read our ITS market brochure

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