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Mobile Mark Announces Release of Corporate Video

Mobile Mark is proud to announce the release of our 2024 Corporate Video, available for viewing on YouTube and below.

Since its founding in 1984, Mobile Mark, Inc. has placed high value on its customers, products, and employees, and our reputation as a trustworthy business partner has only strengthened over the years. Our pillars of excellence include our products, our production capabilities, and of course, our people. It is because of these pillars that we have been able to exceed our customers’ expectations and take our production to another level. We as a company could not be more proud of our work and fulfilled in our mission to move wireless forward.

With our corporate video, we aim to share an insider’s look and invite you to come visit us to see firsthand what makes Mobile Mark a clear choice for an antenna manufacturer and supplier. We showcase our headquarters facility, our incredible teams, and our shared passion for excellence.

The release of our corporate video marks our excitement for the future of Mobile Mark, Inc. and our commitment to maintaining our standard of excellence in everything we do.

Please take a moment to view our video and learn about what makes Mobile Mark different. If you’d like to leave a comment, please click here to view on YouTube.

About Mobile Mark, Inc.

Tested and trusted, Mobile Mark strives for excellence in engineering by designing and manufacturing site, mobile, and device antennas from 30 MHz – 7.2 GHz. Recognized for introducing innovative designs in 16 wireless industries with applications that include GPS Tracking and Fleet Management, Cellular 4G LTE and 5G Ready, Wi-Fi, RFID, Public Safety FirstNet, M2M and IoT, Smart City Networks, Autonomous and Connected Cars. Engineering and custom design services are available. Mobile Mark’s global headquarters, research, and manufacturing facilities are located near Chicago, IL. An additional manufacturing and sales facility is located near Birmingham, UK. Learn more at www. Mobile