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Buying a new Router or Gateway?

We can help you evaluate your antenna choices 

We’ve put it all together in these Easy-To-Use Guides. 

These Guides show you the connectors for each router or gateway model and the specific antenna connections needed. 

The guides consider:

  • Number of ports (is it 2xLTE or 4xLTE or something else)
  • Frequency bands (does it go down to 600 MHz or up to 6 GHz, does it cover CBRS 3.5 GHz)
  • Types of connections required (SMA plug or Rev Pol SMA plug)
  • Mounting options (thru-hole or mag-mount)
  • Special form factor (low profile or narrow width)
  • Alternative antenna combinations to meet all your connections
  • Specifics like model numbers and cable type

Where possible, we present more than one antenna choices to match up with your device so that you can decide which option best meets your set-up.

Digi Match-Up Guide


Digi Match-Up Guide
Cradlepoint Match-Up Guide


Cradlepoint Match-Up Guide
Sierra Wireless Match-Up Guide

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless Match-Up Guide
Peplink Match-Up Guide


Peplink Match-Up Guide

Call Mobile Mark for the Most Advanced antennas that are compatible with your select router device

All of our antennas are built to order in the US or UK.  If you are using only some of the connections, these antennas can be modified to match your specific requirements.

The right antennas help your wireless connections perform at their best

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