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Multi-Band Antenna For Train GPS, LTE MIMO And WiFi

Itasca, IL, October 20, 2015 – Mobile Mark, Inc. unveiled a new addition to the SMW family of antennas for use in train GPS systems.

The SMW-415 is a multi-band surface mount antenna that contains four antenna elements. One for Cellular/LTE on the 694-960 MHz & 1710-2700 MHz bands, one dual-band WiFi with support for 2.4 GHz & 4.9-6 GHz, and two GPS antennas at 1575 MHz.

One common application for this antenna is to be used in train GPS systems on elevated railways. The SMW can be mounted directly onto rapid transit trains to provide an interface between railcars and a receiving track-side antenna, tracking them along their route. The addition of two GPS antennas allows the railcars to be tracked even more effectively by railway operations teams.

“The SMW-415 improves upon our existing SMW line by adding more capability for GPS tracking with multiple GPS units,” said Jerry Posluszny, Mobile Mark Director of Engineering. “It is an excellent addition to this series of antennas that includes GPS functionality along with dual-band WiFi and broadband LTE units contained in a durable radome that easily mounts to surfaces.”

Mobile Mark antennas are tested to ensure that they are able to withstand accidental or intentional damage, and the heavy-duty radome used for the SMW series is no exception, with the ability to stand up to powerful physical impacts. The SMW-415 has been tested for shock and vibration standards, as well as dust/water ingress in accordance with the IP67 standard.

The SMW-415 can be mounted directly onto a vehicle or transit car surface with cable feed through on surfaces up to 1/4 inch in thickness. The antenna measures 4.2 inches (10.7 cm) in diameter and 3.17 inches (8 cm) in height, and is enclosed in a UV resistant white ASA plastic radome. The antenna comes standard with 15-foot cables for each of its four connections; however custom cable lengths can also be requested when ordering.

This antenna differs from other products in the SMW group, such as the SMW-PTC (220 MHz, WiFi, GPS) which is designed for train-to-wayside communication with connections for Positive Train Control, WiFi and GPS. The SM-220/1575 is another surface mount antenna that is used for PTC implementations, combining PTC and GPS in a whip design that can be mounted to a vehicle’s metal surface or bulkhead.

Adding a new variation on a popular design, The SMW-415 is a sturdy and functional antenna that can be easily integrated into systems for train GPS tracking, providing excellent multi-band coverage in one neat package.

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