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New Mobile Antenna Features 6 Connections To Maximize Performance On WiFi 802.11ac Networks

Itasca, IL, September 3, 2015 — Mobile Mark, Inc. has introduced the LTM603, a new WiFi 6xMIMO Mobile Antenna for 802.11ac networks.  The new antenna featured six separate connection ports in order to provide optimum MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) performance for the new WiFi 802.11ac modems.

The antenna provides coverage on both 2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz.  This allows the antenna to operate on the 5 GHz band for 802.11ac, but also be backwards compatible for 802.11n and 802.11b/g modems.

The LTM603 Series antenna achieves MIMO performance by using six elements housed within the antenna.  Jerry Posluszny, Director of Engineering, explained that, “This new 6 port MIMO antenna has exceptional performance characteristics including >20 dB isolation between the elements. It can be used for high speed data transfer from mobile settings such as emergency hot spots or police mobile command units.”

According to Michael Berry, President of Mobile Mark, Inc., “The new 802.11ac networks are designed for high density, high capacity usage. For the new “ac” networks to perform as they are intended to perform, the antennas need to match the capabilities of the modems and provide the same 6x MIMO coverage.  We are excited that our new Mobile Antenna provides that kind of operation in a compact package.”

The LTM603 antenna offers 4 dBi gain on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band.  These gain levels provide wireless coverage over a longer distance while still providing adequate beamwidth coverage for easy installation and alignment.  The antenna covers 100° azimuth x 60° elevation at 2.4 GHz and 40° azimuth x 45° elevation at 5 GHz.  Alignment is also aided by the swivel tilt mount that comes with the antenna.

The antenna gets high marks for its efficiency with a minimum front-to-back ratio of 20 dB and an antenna isolation figure of greater than 20 dB.  It is designed to handle up to 20 watts of power.

For heavy duty applications, such as would be found in military, defense or security applications, the LTM603 antenna can be foam filled to resist impact and high vibration.

Compact and attractive, this antenna is ideal for mobile 802.11ac WiFi MIMO installation.  It will be on display at the Mobile Mark stand at DSEI 2015 in London, 15-18 September, 2015.

About Mobile Mark, Inc.

Mobile Mark, Inc. designs and manufactures site, mobile, device, embedded and covert antennas for 600 MHz – 9 GHz. Applications include GPS Tracking & Fleet Management, Cellular GSM/CDMA, LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, RFID, Public Safety, Military and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).  Engineering and custom design services available.  Mobile Mark’s global headquarters, which include research facilities and manufacturing plant, are located near Chicago, IL.  An additional manufacturing and sales facility is located near Birmingham, UK.  Further information on Mobile Mark’s WiFi MIMO Antennas can be found on the website:


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