Heavy Duty Mobile Antenna

Frequency BRITE Finish BLACK Finish
806-866 MHz A1585A-06 A1585B-06
824-896 MHz A1585A-24 A1585B-24
896-960 MHz A1585A-96 A1585B-96
900-930 MHz A1585A-915 A1585B-915


Gain: 3.5dB

The A1585 Mobile Antenna is Heavy Duty and Mounts with a Standard TAD/NMO type. It comes in a Brite or Black finish and provides a Gold plated spring loaded contact.

High Performance: An excess of 3.5dB gain is achieved in the A1585 Mobile Antenna featuring a 5/8 wave over 1/2 wave design.

Stylish and Durable: The A1585 Mobile Antenna is manufactured using the finest corrosion resistant materials and finishes available. The enclosed silver plated phasing coil insures dependable operation

Reliable: The ABS base has an ultrasonically welded brass insert and a gold plated spring loaded contact for long term reliability.

Standard Mounting: The A1585 Mobile Antenna mates with a standard TAD/NMO type mount, providing an excellent moisture seal even when the antenna is removed.

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A1585 mm