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The wideband UHF A15HD450WBB Antenna is available in a shock spring style version. It has a power handling capacity of 100 watts.

This antenna eliminates inter-operability issues and ensures superior bandwidth coverage without sacrificing signal performance. The NO TUNE wideband design eliminates the need to install multiple antennas to cover all UHF frequency bands. Our wideband antennas reduce installation costs and ensures superior coverage at all desired frequencies.

In addition, it uses the finest corrosion resistant materials and finishes available. This model is available in a black or brite finish. The base is triple plated chrome brass. In addition, it has a large insert molded low loss coil form and a spring loaded contact.

The large diameter coil form used in the construction of the loading coil allows for a wilder operational bandwidth and better matching characteristics than competitive models.

The A15HD450WBB features a great price to performance ratio. All Comtelco base loaded antennas mate with the standard TAD/NMO type mount.

Comtelco antennas, now a Mobile Mark brand.

Visit our eStore to Purchase the Brite Finish model of this Antenna Online. Otherwise, check out more of our Mobile Antennas.


A15HD450WB Spec Sheet

A15HD450WBB Tech Sheet