A1845 Series

Base Loaded Mobile Antenna

Frequency Range:  406-512 MHz
Gain:  5dB
Colors Available: Brite (A) and Black (B)

Model # Frequency
A1845A (or B) -06 406-430 MHz
A1845A (or B) -30 430-450 MHz
A1845A (or B) -50 450-470 MHz
A1845A (or B) -70 470-490 MHz
A1845A (or B) -90 490-512 MHz

To order with shock spring add suffix S to the part number.
EX. A1845AS-44 or A1845BS-44

The A1845 Series Antenna has 5dB gain. It features a 5/8 wave over 5/8 wave whip with a base loaded matching coil. In addition, it has a power handling capacity of 200 watts.

These antennas are manufactured with the finest corrosion resistant materials and finishes available. Furthermore, the base is triple plated chrome brass. It has a large insert molded low loss coil form and a spring loaded contact.

The large diameter coil form allows for a wilder operational bandwidth and better matching characteristics than competitive models. Also, the O ring seals and overlap construction keeps moisture out of the antenna.

These base loaded antennas feature a great price to performance ratio. All Comtelco base loaded antennas mate with the standard TAD/NMO type mount.

Comtelco antennas, now a Mobile Mark brand.

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