A2111 Series

Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna

Frequency:  136-960 MHz Quarterwave
Gain:  Unity
Coax Cable: 12 FT ( RG58 )
Connector: PL259
Colors Available: Brite (A) and Black (B)
Frequency Range:

Model # Frequency
A2111A (or B) -136 136-144 MHz
A2111A (or B) -144 144-150 MHz
A2111A(or B) -150 150-162 MHz
A2111A (or B) -162 162-174 MHz
A2111A (or B) -220 220-225 MHz
A2111A (or B) -406 406-430 MHz
A2111A (or B) -430 430-450 MHz
A2111A (or B) -450 450-470 MHz
A2111A (or B) -470 470-490 MHz
A2111A (or B) -490 490-512 MHz
A2111A (or B) -800 806-896 MHz
A2111A (or B) -900 896-970 MHz

Contact Us and Specify A1111 to Purchase Permanent Mount Version.

The A2111 Series Magnetic Mount Antennas provide unity gain in a wide band design for heavy duty service. It has a power handling capacity of 200 watts.

In addition, these antennas use the finest corrosion resistant materials and finishes available. They are available in triple plated chrome and black finishes. The ABS base has an ultrasonically welded brass insert and a gold plated spring loaded contact.

This antenna can be cut and tested to a specific frequency ( between 136 and 960 MHz ) at NO EXTRA CHARGE. These antennas mate with a standard TAD/NMO type mount, furthermore, providing an excellent moisture seal.

It features a powerful magnetic base with a protective mylar that prevents damages to any mounting surface. In addition, it has a 12 feet RG58U coax cable and PL259 connector. A Permanent Mount Version (A1111) of this antenna is also available.

Comtelco antennas, now a Mobile Mark brand.

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